Early Diagnostics — Triage — No-Code Platform

Greey Matter is a holistic brain analytics platform that utilizes deep learning, machine learning and big data technologies to capture, ingress, pre-process, detect, predict and diagnose diseases from medical images (e.g., MRI, CT, X-Ray). Specifically, the Greey Matter AI-Platform offers a suite of cutting-edge AI algorithms for the early diagnosis of some brain diseases such as Stroke, Alzheimer, Glioma and Parkinson's from medical images. Such AI-diagnostics enhance patient care and profoundly sink health care cost. In addition, Greey Matter is also tailored to help hospitals in triage. In particular, to detect, rank and prioritize the most serious cases from medical scans of patients that need urgent medical attention. Greey Matter can be deployed On-Premise or in the Cloud.


Lung Diagnostics for COVID-19
Due to the magnitude of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Evercot AI has extended it's Greey Matter AI platform to help in the fast diagnosis of Covid-19 from Chest X-Ray and CT Scans with very high accuracy. Become the next Hospital or Research Institute to use the Greey Matter AI Platform for fast instant COVID-19 Testing, Diagnosis and Analysis.



No-Code, Autonomous and Self-Learning
Machine Learning technology

Evercot AI has built a No-Code, Autonomous and Self-Learning machine learning technology, which is packaged into our AI platform. Domain experts fully rely on a cross-functional team of data scientists, data engineers and network/IT specialists to — extract vivid insights from enterprise data and make predictions. Enterprises spend huge amount of time and money to assemble and build custom AI solutions with such cross-functional teams — with no guarantees of achieving the desired AI results expected by the domain experts.

Companies could easily accelerate the success of AI in an enterprise by the usage of our Self-Learning, No-Code/Low-CodeAutonomous Enterprise AI Platform. Specifically, our platform puts domain experts at the driver’s seat. It enables domain experts to build customized world-class AI solutions for difficult problems without any coding and without the assistance of data scientists, data engineers and network/IT specialists. In addition, enterprise AI projects that usually take weeks and months to execute is accomplished within hours or days using our self-learning autonomous AI platform. Our platform achieves this by using our proprietary self-learning advanced machine learning technology to capture and automate complex data workflows.

Our AI Mission
Empower everybody to independently create customized world-class AI for a problem — with no code and no assistance from data scientists and IT specialists. Our journey starts at Health Care.

Easy Access to Enterprise AI
With our No-Code, self-Learning and autonomous AI platform, every employee or physician has the opportunity to quickly create, assemble and run world-class AI, which solves her problem at a pace of several hours to few days — with no code and no technical IT support.




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EEG Electrodes

10 Hz

Transmission Frequency

0.1 Hours



NioWear — Capabilities and Benefits

NioWear is a smart device that captures human brain waves or EEG signals. The captured EEG signals are wirelessly transferred to a smart phone by NioWear using Bluetooth Light. From the smart phone, the EEG data is sent to the cloud, where our cutting-edge machine learning algorithms analyze and convert this low level EEG sensor data into high level actionable and tangible events. Depending on the use case, the later events may range from — seizure prediction in Health Care through — emotion and behavior detection in Neuromarketing to — directly controlling objects with the mind for Gaming or people with disabilities.


Exult App

Exult is a companion app of NioWear for advanced seizure management. The app works best with the NioWear headset. For users who aspire to utilize the seizure prediction functionality, the NioWear headset is a prerequisite. However, the app could still be used without Niowear for some normal seizure management tasks.


Key Features

Monitor Seizure

Brain activities or EEG signals obtained by NioWear are used to constantly monitor seizure.

Notify Caregivers

Select family members or caregivers that should be notified immediately when a seizure event occurs.

Locate Incident

Provide the location of a seizure episode, as well as interactive feedback between a patient and caregivers.

Predict Seizure

Use historical EEG data acquired by NioWear to predict next seizure probability. The more data we collect, the better our prediction results.


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How can NioWear + Exult App help you?

This video explains a usecase where NioWear is used for Advanced Seizure Management.

About Us

Evercot AI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that provides end-to-end advanced No-Code/Low-Code AI solutions to customers in the Health Care, Pharma and Sales Opportunity Optimization industries. While Machine Learning and Data Mining are the core and prime focus of our company, Evercot AI strongly believes in easy and flawless delivery of analytics. Based on this, Evercot AI also develops both software and hardware to ensure a seamless end-to-end delivery of her AI solutions.

Meet us at TechCrunch SaaS

27 October 2021

Learn more about our autonomous self-learning No-Code AI platform for Health Care and Sales Opportunity Optimization at TechCrunch SaaS

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Meet us at Medica 2020

16 - 19 November 2020

MEDICA 2020, the world’s largest medical trade-fair and innovation hotspot in healthcare, will take place entirely online from 16 to 19 November 2020. Evercot AI has been selected to speak at the virtual.MEDICA 2020.

Evercot AI will present a talk on the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Radiology for Early Brain Disease Diagnostics. Join our live streamed talk on 19 November 2020 at the Medica Connected Health Care Forum. If you would like to know more about our Greey Matter brain diagnostics AI-Platform, or discuss with us about AI diagnostics of early brain diseases such as Stroke, Alzheimer, Glioma and Parkinson’s — contact us.

Startup Grind


Meet us at SG in Silicon Valley

11 - 12 February 2020

Evercot AI has been selected by Startup Grind, powered by Google for Startups, for the Startup Exhibition in the Grind category at the 2020 Startup Grind Global Conference held February 11-12th in Silicon Valley. Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting 3,500,000 founders in more than 600 chapters globally. Founded in Silicon Valley, they nurture startup ecosystems in 125+ countries through events, media, and partnerships with organizations such as Google for Startups.

Evercot AI will be presenting and demonstrating the NioWear wearable. We plan to also talk about concrete usecases on how machine learning can be utilized for early diagnosis, predictions and cost reduction in health care.



Meet us at TC Disrupt Berlin

11 - 12 December 2019

TechCrunch Disrupt is a leading tech conference where top technology companies and aspiring startups meet to showcase and discuss future technologies. Join Evercot AI at this year Startup Alley in Berlin to learn more about us and our product.

Evercot AI will be presenting and demonstrating the NioWear wearable. We plan to also talk about concrete usecases on how machine learning can be utilized for early diagnosis, predictions and cost reduction in health care. Visit us at Startup Alley on 11 - 12 December 2019.

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